3.4″ Humbug – White (8/pk)


The Humbug is designed for very little line twist, but still has a lot of action, but we’ve found out that it’s really good for everything. It’s good by itself, or behind a jig or on the back of a Chatterbait. Where I think it’ll really excel is on the back of a wobble head.

Each element of the new craw imitator has a distinct purpose.

The ribs on the body move a lot of water and it has a decent sized profile.

The limber claws kick and flutter with even the slightest resistance, but their movement is not so violent as to make it not work in cooler conditions.



Proudly South African – quality at reasonable prices.

Scented to ensure the Bass hold onto it for longer!!

All baits can be ordered in any custom color – contact us and we will do our utmost to create for you at no extra charge.